Homeopathy is NOT Herbalism

People often assume that homeopathy is the same as herbalism. Though both utilize plants in their preparations that’s pretty much where the similarity ends. One major difference is that homeopathic remedies are made from many things in addition to plants. Almost anything on the planet can be used, including minerals, insects, animals, and energy fields […]

Meditation and Homeopathy—How to Practice Awareness for Deeper Healing


I had known about meditation for years and gone to workshops hoping to establish a daily routine, but it wasn’t until my own homeopath began encouraging me to practice mindfulness when I felt upset or in pain that I really embraced it and began reaping the benefits. In all honesty, I think it was desperation […]

Want to Learn More? Five Beginner-Friendly Homeopathy Books


I’m often asked by people what books I recommend for learning more about homeopathy. This is a great question! If you’re considering homeopathic treatment or have already begun the journey it can be really interesting and enlightening to delve deeper into the process. As a newcomer, chances are you’re looking for a book that is […]