Want to Learn More? Five Beginner-Friendly Homeopathy Books

I’m often asked by people what books I recommend for learning more about homeopathy. This is a great question! If you’re considering homeopathic treatment or have already begun the journey it can be really interesting and enlightening to delve deeper into the process. As a newcomer, chances are you’re looking for a book that is complete but also enjoyable and easy to digest. Below are five wonderful homeopathy books with a brief description of their content. Because homeopathy incorporates, nature, psychology, dreams, and symbols along with it’s scientific methodology, you definitely won’t feel like you’re slogging through a medical textbook. I hope you find that one of these books fits your needs.


Homeopathy: Start Here

by Ann Jerome, PhD, CCH

Ann Jerome is a well respected homeopath and educator who ran her own homeopathy school in Florida for a number of years. This book, which came out in 2020, covers the philosophy, history (from inception to present day expansion of ideas), remedies, and current scientific research. There is also a chapter explaining chronic and acute ailments as well as a multitude of healing stories from real life. Reviewers on Amazon were unanimous in their praise and felt that it was an excellent foundation book, even for people that were very familiar with homeopathic treatment.  Buy on Amazon


Impossible Cure

by Amy Lansky, PhD

This book offers a comprehensive introduction to homeopathic principles and practice, but the highlight is Lansky’s own story of how she went from Silicon Valley scientist to homeopathic convert and champion after experiencing the miraculous healing of her son, who had descended into autism following a vaccination. A wonderful introductory book—very accessible and relatable.
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homeopathy-natural-kingdoms- book-cover

Natural Kingdoms—Healing with Homeopathy

by Dr. Rajan Sankaran

Sensation Method case taking is based on the principle that we each have an underlying energy pattern that is similar to something in Nature. Sankaran calls this energy pattern our “other song” and, in this book, explores the way our inner pattern shows up in every aspect of life. Dr. Sankaran is a wonderful writer and although this isn’t a traditonal intro book it’s most definitely a fascinating and enjoyable read for non-practioners. I have been an avid student of Dr. Sankaran from the beginning of my homeopathic journey and use his method as part of case taking and analysis.
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Green Medicine: Challenging the Assumptions of Conventional Health Care

by Larry Malerba, DO

Written in an accessible style, this book considers a wide range of topics, including physics, philosophy, Jungian thought, shamanism, and alchemy to examine what a truly green medical paradigm would look like. Dr. Malerba includes case histories from his own practice to illustrate how homeopathy looks at the whole person and not just a group of symptoms or a disease name. Though not limited to a description of homeopathy, Dr. Malerba has written eloquently on the principles that underly it. Holistic therapies, like homeopathy, consider all aspects of a person as well as his/her connectedness to nature and culture. The health of the individual is inseparable from the health of the world.  Buy Now

homeopathy-beyond-flat-earth-medicine- book-cover

Homeopathy: Beyond Flat Earth Medicine An Essential Guide for the Homeopathic Patient

by Timothy R. Dooley, N.D., M.D

Homeopaths have been recommending this book to their patients for years and with good reason. A very comprehensive intro to homeopathy from the personal perspective of a conventional M.D. who was won over after scrutinizing the shortcomings of our dominant system. Cool fact: this one you can download in pdf form for free!  Download Now