the first consultation.

The homeopathic consultation will most likely be very different from any other health consultation you’ve had. Homeopathy is holistic and considers the whole of your being, not just the parts that don’t feel good. Everything about you, mentally and physically, is connected, so we will discuss many aspects of you and your life. This will give me a good picture of your inner world.

Homeopathy looks at the person with a disease, not the disease in a person. Though I will take into account your past medical and family history, I am particularly interested in your unique experience of life. I’ll be looking for the pattern of your symptoms, so that I can match that to a source in nature with a similar pattern. To give you an example of how personalized homeopathy is—if six people are diagnosed with arthritis, they may very well need six different homeopathic remedies. Each person’s individual perceptions and sensitivities will determine the best remedy. Our conversations will give you greater awareness of your health in the context of your life. This should be an interesting and empowering experience for you. 

Once you schedule your first consultation, I’ll be sending you a case record form to fill out. You’ll find a range of questions, including, but not limited to, your history, your dreams, temperature preferences, food cravings, and sleep habits. Please take your time with it and get input from relatives, if necessary. The questionnaire may seem a little unusual but the more I know about what makes you, you, the better I’ll be able to help. Filling out the form will prepare you for the first visit. It’ll also provide me with very useful information that we might not touch on directly when we speak. The first consultation usually takes between 1-2 hours.

REMEMBER: Homeopaths do not diagnose or treat disease. For this you must see your doctor.

Follow Ups.

After you take a remedy we’ll wait approximately 4-6 weeks to allow it to act. I’ll ask you to keep a record of any significant changes or dreams during this time. If you have urgent questions or any concerns, you can reach me by email or phone. As a homeopathic client you have a greater involvement in the process. You and I are partners in your healing!

When we meet again we’ll evaluate what changes have taken place. If there’s been a positive shift, then we may continue to wait and watch further unfolding of the healing response. Possibly I’ll have you repeat the remedy. If there hasn’t been a noticeable positive effect, then we’ll explore everything further. Talking at this point will help to define more clearly whether a different remedy is needed or not. 

Follow ups are a very important part of treatment. No matter what your response to the remedy, close monitoring of your progress will assure that things stay on track. These homeopathic consultations usually take about 45 minutes.

Treating Acute Problems.

Acutes are injuries and illnesses that have an unexpected onset and normally resolve in a short amount of time. Chronic ailments develop over a long period and never go away completely without intervention. Colds, influenza, sore throats, insect stings, cuts, bruises, food poisoning, pulled muscles, and short-term insomnia are all examples of acute conditions that can be helped with homeopathy. Well-chosen remedies will speed up the natural healing response; they don’t kill germs or mask symptoms. And just as with chronic ailments, it’s the individuality of your symptoms that determines the best remedy.

If you would like to use remedies for first aid and acute illnesses, then I recommend buying a homeopathic first aid kit. That way you’ll have the most commonly used remedies on hand. When you’re not feeling well, it’s not the time to be searching for a health food store that carries homeopathics! Having a kit of 36-50 remedies is a great convenience and will no doubt save you money in the long run. In addition to the pharmacies linked below there is one that will create a kit based on your individual needs. We can discuss when we meet up.

Homeopathic first aid kits are available by mail order from:

Washington Homeopathic Products

Helios Homeopathy

The magic of homeopathy.

A wonderful little video from 4Homeopathy about what homeopathic treatment can do for you.

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